I've never felt so close to someone

Como otras tantas, canción que si realmente no te paras a escuchar, no la aprecias en todo su esplendor.

Orion's Belt - Madee

Like trees without branches
With lonely faces
Distracted and faking it
We can't lose all these things
We'll never know
We're stuck in time
Without space
And we forget
To keep our feelings pure
Let's get lost
Blame all these stars
Singing sad songs
Looking inside
Falling apart
Throwing out our trash
A moment of joy
Tears in my eyes

Always running
Sinking into problems
Like satellites and starships
Could you see me?
All the things you said you could do
They have almost faded
Because you looked down on them
You use to hide
Staying in the darkness
Singing blue songs
Counting the hours
Just turn around
To look at the stars
Tears in my eyes
Tears in your eyes
Don't say goodbye

For a moment
We felt older
Going nowhere
With eyes wide open
Losing Knowledge
And stealing it from others
My dear
I've never felt so close to someone
I am afraid of life
I've realised with my eyes wide open
That we can not rewind
Life just passes by

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